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National Pothole Day is Not a Point of Pride.

Can we eliminate the need for this dubious celebration right now?


An homage to the early demise of our nation’s hubcaps due to potholes

In the UK, 15 January is National Pothole Day

Joking about potholes and lost hubcaps is fun. It’s what got you here.


The reality of potholes is no laughing matter.

A few frightening facts about the UK pothole crisis…

A pothole is repaired every 17 seconds, but…

  • There’s a £9.2 billion backlog of repairs for England and Wales.1
  • That does not account for Scotland and Northern Ireland. 1

Fewer potholes are being filled.

  • In 2015, 2.7 million potholes were filled.1
  • In 2018, only 1.86 million potholes were filled.1

Potholes are leading to damage, injury, and even death.

  • Over five years, more than 250 cyclists were killed or seriously injured due to potholes.2

1. AIA ALARM Survey 2019; 2. “Killer Potholes,” The Sun, 18 November 2019

To download the entire ALARM Survey, click here.

The UK pothole crisis is costing millions…

Solution: Using EZ Street Asphalt. Here’s how…

  • In just a few minutes, anyone can repair a pothole with EZ Street, once and FOREVER.
  • It is a first time fix that’s proven and guaranteed permanent.
  • It can reduce the cost of traditional methods by 50% or more.
  • This product  is made in the U.K. It works in any weather and even works in water.

And we have free samples for any council wishing to test it on their potholes.

See it in Action

Reduce costs by 50%

over traditional repair methods

A small crew with a small truck filled with this product can perform an immediate pothole repair in just minutes.

Here’s how to easily repair an average pothole

1. Sweep out any loose debris

2. Fill the pothole with EZ Street Asphalt

3. Compact it using a tamper or the wheels of the truck

This process takes the same amount of time as a temporary patch — and the EZ Street Asphalt repair is guaranteed permanent.

Ready to Learn More About EZ Street?

Or would like to obtain a free sample, call, text or email, Gary Bremner, or fill out the contact form.

Visit our UK website for information for all the information about the product, the features and presentation, also you can buy online.

Visit EZ Street UK

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